Best Burlesque Captions For Instagram-2023

Burlesque is a word that is here to stay in our many forms of entertainment today, with people constantly creating comic imitations that ridicule, not just the old days but a lot of other things around. So, if you have something similar to share, you can borrow some lines from this collection of burlesque captions for you.

Choose a caption according to what you have in mind, whether you want to make people laugh, just share a thing of satire, or just share a recent activity you want to promote.

Here are some of the most burlesque captions for you:

Burlesque Captions For Instagram

Burlesque Captions For Instagram

  • Real women have curves and burlesque never had enough of them…
  • When burlesque meets fitness, the beautiful result is .
  • Delight in a whole new show when we return to a classic venue in a stacked lineup of burlesque from across the country. Wahoo!
  • What You Are Not Supposed to See at the Burlesque Show
  • Like the burlesque comedian, I am abnormally fond of that precision which creates movement.
  • Come on everyone, climb on up! It’s time to explore the world of burlesque.
  • Let your inhibitions fall away as you drop into the abyss that lies between this world and the next.
  • You know what my earliest memories are? Going from one burlesque town to another. My father was in burlesque.
  • Just the whole concept of burlesque, I’ve always been fascinated with it. I’ve always collected so many books about burlesque.
  • It’s not summer without burlesque on the beach.
  • It is a sin to be a mocker.
  • There is ever a slight suspicion of the burlesque about earnest good men.
  • Heroics that don’t come off are the very essence of burlesque.
  • Let’s put the pasties back on. It’s time to dance.
  • Friend, let’s paint the town.

Burlesque Instagram Captions For Pictures

  • It’s more than just clothing, It’s art. #Burlesque
  • Let’s bring back the Golden Age of Burlesque!
  • When it’s time to get started on the next phase of your life, embrace it wholeheartedly.
  • Burlesque is my religion, let’s celebrate it.
  • Let us dazzle you with our magic and mystique.
  • Burlesque is the new Black
  • Bawdy Burlesque
  • My mother worked in the old Minsky’s troupe, which toured the country in the golden age of burlesque theatre.
  • I don’t think there is such a thing as being too raunchy when it comes to the art form of burlesque.
  • Objectivity is almost a choice you make. As a burlesque performer, I didn’t choose to be objectified.
  • Every one of my products – my lingerie, my perfume, and everything that I do beauty-related with regard to building my burlesque shows – is just me.
  • Be the kind of woman that makes the world a more beautiful place.
  • A burlesque word is often a powerful sermon.
  • Look, I come from vaudeville, I come from burlesque, I come from heartaches, I come from sadness, I come from gladness, I come from work and sweat and respect for the craft.
  • I’ve been involved in burlesque for a really long time and I’ve always been really interested in burlesque, and I was writing musicals for different studios.
  • Turns out I’ve been doing burlesque for years. Here’s to another decade!

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