[80] Letterboxing Captions For Instagram 2023

Letterboxing is indeed an art that requires a lot of practice and skill but when you are done with the result, it’s hard not to share what you just did. So, if this is your situation right now, here are some letterboxing captions for you to share your passion and skill.

So, go ahead. Now, upload all those pictures and videos you took to showcase your talent on social media through platforms like Instagram for all to see.

And we provide the lines to describe them and help you share what you feel with this awesome set of letterboxing captions that you can read.

Letterboxing Captions For Instagram

Letterboxing Captions For Instagram

  • I went letterboxing on a whim & what do you know? I found a whole new hobby ???
  • When you find a letterbox, it’s a full-body experience. Find your own treasure by exploring our parks! #letterboxing
  • Some chilly fall air, beautiful seaside views—and boxes! I’m all about the letterboxes.
  • Have you tried Letterboxing? Get outdoors this weekend and see if you can find it!
  • My new favourite pastime ???????…not sure there is much out there cooler than letterboxing. There’s something about the journey of an adventure that always gets me.
  • Letterboxing. A great way to explore your surroundings and discover new places.
  • Let’s get out and hike, walk or geocache our way onto an official letterbox stamp!
  • Letterboxing is a lot like any other sport you love.
  • This is a letterbox that was hidden in Amsterdam on our honeymoon. ???? We love the thrill of the hunt and uncovering treasures from other people’s adventures. So fun!
  • I love letterboxing. Every box I place out is my way of transcending time and space and reaching out to people, spreading joy and friendship. Hope you try it too.
  • Curious about what’s hiding in your neighbourhood? Take a letterboxing adventure with us by downloading the app.
  • Skipping a step from leaving a letter in a physical mailbox. Now you can leave a letter anywhere by installing your own LetterBox app!
  • We’re always looking for the next spot, no matter how little time we have.? ?Let’s go on an adventure today! #letterboxing.
  • Love letterboxing? I do too. We’re bringing it back to the people, one awesome day at a time. Join us! #letterboxing
  • On a walk last week, I found a letterbox. Hidden in this random bush was a little treasure, waiting to be discovered.
  • It’s cold outside—let’s look for letterboxes and fill them with treasures! @letterboxing
  • A lovely weekend morning spent letterboxing in the woods with my husband #letterboxing #uniqueplacetouseverydayobjects
  • Stealthily leaving a little treasure to mark my path. Letterboxing makes me happy. ?? #letterboxing #getlost #exploremore
  • The little things in life bring me so much joy. I get a high from discovering a new letterbox, just knowing that it’s out there waiting…
  • Letterboxing is an old art of making a hidden box in the outdoors where people search for clues, crack codes, and find the box to leave their own stamp.
  • Letterboxing treasure hunt: a hobby combining the thrill of a scavenger hunt with a love of nature and a dash of creativity.
  • I just found my new hobby!! @letterboxingla was so much fun!! ???????? Also, I think I’m the only person in the world who actually uses this Instagram account.
  • Letterboxing is an outdoor activity that consists of hunting for little hidden boxes in the woods or in public places with clues, then you follow the clues to the box that holds a logbook where people sign in when they find the box.
  • I’m all about letterboxing. It’s my new favourite hobby.
  • Letterboxing: A fun, friendly outdoor pursuit that encourages creativity and independent play.
  • For those who love the rush of the hunt and the thrill of victory, come live your adventure.
  • The world is a box of chocolates, and the sweetest moments are the ones unseen.

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