[100] Best Mahjong Quotes And Captions For Instagram

So, you love spending all those idle evenings getting everyone around the table over a board of Mahjong, do you? Then, don’t miss a chance to take a picture each time. Look, here is a set of Mahjong captions for you.

What better way to kill boredom on a weekend with no plans? Playing mahjong is a good way to bond with the family and make some memories that you can upload with some of these mahjong quotes that we have for you.

Whether it is a game you have been enjoying in the middle of all those office breaks or a day with siblings on a lazy Sunday afternoon, there is a quote for every occasion over a mahjong board to make your posts more interesting for you.

So, have a picture of you recently enjoying the game? Then, here is a set of mahjong quotes for you:

Mahjong Quotes

Mahjong Quotes

  • Play mahjong.
  • No matter how old you are, mahjong is always fun!
  • I feel mahjong every time I go to a new hotel to check out their gaming selection. (For mahjong)
  • It’s the year of the rooster and it’s time to get on board! Make 2018 your finest year yet. Play mahjong every day and banish bad luck from your life. #playmahjong
  • It is a game that requires tactics and observation skills.
  • I’ve come up with a mahjong hand, and I think you’ll like it.
  • Play mahjong anytime, anywhere. From smartphones to smart TVs, there’s a Mahjong game for you.
  • *It’s the most fun when you play mahjong with people who enjoy being together.*
  • A game of mahjong is more than just tiles and rules. It’s a window to the human soul. It reveals courage, tenacity, cunning and strategy, all for the risk of losing some cash 💰
  • Gather your friends and family, for a fun mahjong night together! Play some games and laugh.

Mahjong Captions For Instagram

  • Manjong at mahjong.com is celebrating its 6th birthday this week!
  • Looking for a little traditional Chinese entertainment? Try mahjong.
  • Summer is in full swing and you know what that means: it’s time to spend long days at the pool, beach or park playing this fun tile-based game with friends and family!
  • Colourful tiles, cheers of celebration, and pours of tea. Mahjong.
  • Tradition is a guide for all our dreams, love of the old, Mah Jing.
  • Throw a panel of mahjong tiles to capture the wind while enjoying the taste of juicy Shanghai crawfish, fresh green veggies, and succulent clams.
  • Are you ready to learn a new game? Find your mahjong table in the city today.
  • Everything we make has to be functional, beautiful and durable so that people could enjoy our daily life.
  • Feeling 🌧️❄️☁️. Hmm. Let’s Mahjong!
  • One left and you got it. One hand, the win. A perfect mahjong tile is supposed to be exactly what you want.
  • Lose yourself in the game. And find your bliss. #mahjong

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