(100) Taxidermy Captions and Quotes For Instagram

If you like to go hunting, then perhaps taxidermy is another hobby that you have. Or maybe you don’t exactly enjoy hunting, but just love to decorate your house with animal skin stuffed to look like real creatures. If so, read on to find some taxidermy captions here.

You can now share pictures of those new artifacts that you bring home in a more interesting way with lines borrowed from here.

Be it a tiger or a lion or a monkey’s head that you have in your living room, they’ll now get better compliments as you tell people what you feel about them with these taxidermy captions in a few lines.

Describe those items in your house in a more effective way. All you have to do is choose the lines that go well with them, from our collection of taxidermy captions to help you share in the best way:

Taxidermy Captions and Quotes

Taxidermy Captions

  • I have over 300 taxidermied animals in my cabin, and I love them all!
  • A lust for life is a lust for knowledge. And taxidermy is the ultimate symbol of the pursuit of wisdom. #capturingtheuncapturable
  • I’m fortunate to live in Wyoming, one of the most beautiful, pristine places in the world.
  • Don’t be afraid to let your weird flag fly. You aren’t here to fit in. You’re here to make a point…on the backs of dead animals.
  • In the studio we use a pretty wide range of materials for the sculptures; silicone, fibreglass, human and animal hair, ABS plastic, dental acrylic, traditional and high-tech plasters, stainless steel, automotive paint, plywood, Britannia metal, found objects and taxidermy animals.
  • I find people interesting. People trying hard are interesting. People with a passion are interesting – whether its old cars or taxidermy or knitting.
  • Content not thyself that thou art virtuous in the general; for one link being wanting, the chain is defective.
  • I hate it. I hate taxidermy shops and all that crap.
  • Well, I had a wolverine. It was supposed to be a cat, but Jason (Patric) is allergic to cats. I can’t remember where I got it. Some back alley taxidermy, maybe? But I think I got it at The Bay taxidermy department. Downtown Winnipeg. Next to the tumbleweeds.
  • Playing in my heart. #adamdrives
  • I honestly love taxidermy! This weird hobby reflects my whimsical and adventurous spirit. I also enjoy doing old school, traditional homeschooling as well as gardening, swimming, and snorkeling.
  • Education is very important, and the botanical garden is the place to do that. I grew up in a semi-rural area and learned from that being my playground.
  • And it’s positively macabre
  • Be the person you would want to date.
  • I feel like having an actual taxidermy-ed mammal would get gross, like its hair would get dirty and stuff.

Taxidermy Captions For Instagram

  • The perfect centerpiece to complete your rustic interiors.
  • I feel like girls always deserve flowers; it’s just a nice thing to do. If you want to make your girlfriend smile, send her flowers!
  • You’d been petting a stuffed dog?’ she said ‘A dead one?’ ‘It was a really well-stuffed dog’ I clarified. ‘I have seen some bad taxidermy. This was top-notch work. It would have fooled anyone.
  • With a captivating gaze and a base of wires and steel, our animals evoke a timeless sense of mystery. What tales do they have to tell?
  • I find people interesting. People trying hard are interesting. People with a passion are interesting – whether it’s old cars or taxidermy or knitting.
  • Getting your personal savings statement ready? Put this quote on your wall and remind yourself you’re not the prey – you’re the predator.
  • I’m in the business of taking care of dead things, but I haven’t stitched up a handmade quilt like this one in over thirty years. From deep within the belly of the beast comes this one-of-a-kind quilt.
  • Some animals are too good to be stuffed and hung on a wall.
  • It’s not for everyone, but I do and I’m proud of it. #NoRegrets
  • I’ve started collecting taxidermy: I’ve got a red squirrel, called Steve. I made sure he came with certificates so we know he wasn’t just killed for stuffing.
  • I love taxidermy. I especially like the story of this stag head which was shot on my property by my late father-in-law. The taxidermy was done by Kipps, a world-renown taxidermist, who made
  • I really love taxidermy… it’s so nostalgic and I just want to cuddle with everything.
  • Timeless. Dead-icated.
  • We love a fall mantel. It’s a time-honored tradition for displaying the fruits of the field and the forest while children go back to school.
  • My room is like an antique shop, full of junk, and weird stuff. There’s a big sword in there. And a taxidermy bird, and a couple of birdcages. And a lot of newspaper cuttings. I used to have a weird thing about cutting out morbid headlines from newspapers and collecting them. I was fascinated with drowning, which is kind of strange.

Taxidermy Quotes For Instagram

  • New beard style, anyone?
  • So excited to open my new salon! I’ll be using this for inspiration. Make it weird.
  • A little elf told me to show you this…
  • It takes a lot of patience to catch prey. We tend to think it’s easy, but in reality, it’s an art.
  • she guides me through lonely places, always leading with her eyes. #taxidermy
  • I ask people why they have deer heads on their walls. They always say because it’s such a beautiful animal. There you go. I think my mother is attractive, but I have photographs of her.
  • The cat’s out of the bag at The Mothlight. #mothlightcreate
  • Life’s a lot more fun when you stare it straight in its beautiful, glass eyes.
  • When taxidermy is done well it’s an amazing piece of art.
  • Taxidermy is the art of taking an animal that has died and preserving it for display. It’s a craft, really.
  • Curious about taxidermy? Follow me.
  • I love when you find unexpected art in unexpected places.
  • Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.
  • I have a fondness for taxidermy. It was a hobby of my father’s, so I grew up admiring the craftsmanship and history behind old pieces. I always wanted to share my love of taxidermy by bringing the
  • Ahhhh….the smell of mothballs.
  • Charles Waterton and His Eccentric Taxidermy.
  • Ability is active power, or power to perform.
  • I have taxidermy pets that are very close to me. I have a little lizard with a head that comes on and off that I call Nicolas Cage because his face is long. And I have a big diamondback rattlesnake called Rufus, and I have some rats in jars and stuff.

Taxidermy Instagram Captions

  • If I ever open a bar, taxidermy will be on the walls.
  • Political science without biography is a form of taxidermy.
  • Death doesn’t matter to us.
  • Since we’ve always liked looking at animals as peacefully as possible, we were excited to find these vintage glass eyes.
  • includes something about death, and about love, because the photos always have something to do with death. The photograph is like taxidermy. It is like the animals I use. They are posed in order to appear to be alive, but they are dead. Their time has passed. The photos have to do with time and loss, and conclusion.
  • if ye bed wi’ a vixen, ye must expect to get bit.
  • Spring just sprung and we’re ready to get out of the city and into the woods. Join us for a weekend filled with outdoor adventure and plenty of inspiration. Follow along using #artisanworkshopsummer18 for a chance to be featured.
  • I love prints of skulls and bones and have some taxidermy – a crow and a rabbit – to remind me of home. I like art and have a big portrait of Bjork.
  • I would never understand photography, the sneaky, murderous taxidermy of it.
  • Feeling like a beautiful eagle.
  • It’s morning again in America.

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