15 Tongue-Wagging Twisters: Hard To Pronounce Dog Breeds!


Many dog breed names simply roll off the tongue. Boxer dog, poodle, you know the ones. But have you ever found yourself down the local dog walking park, curious about a certain dog but perhaps a bit shy to pronounce its breed? 

Understanding the correct pronunciation of these canine titles isn’t just a linguistic exercise; it’s a way to honor the diverse origins and characteristics of our furry companions. Let’s delve into the world of tongue-wagging twisters and explore the charm behind hard-to-pronounce dog breeds.

It’s common. Many breeds have ancient origins that go way back in foreign countries and may prove tricky to pronounce. That’s why we tend to get lazy and create easy alternatives for ourselves, shout out to all the Wiener dogs! 

Pronouncing dog breeds correctly is a bit of a flex for dog enthusiasts. Therefore, we have created a list to help you crack it. 

Hard To Pronounce Dog Breeds

1-Cane Corso: How to pronounce Cane Corso still catches many out. Depending on what country you live in, you may have heard a few ways of saying it. You should pronounce it like “Kah-nay Kor-so.” Think of it as saying “Can I” but with a ‘k’ sound, and then “Cor” like ‘core’ of an apple, and “so” like ‘sew.’

Cane Corso-(wikipedia)


2-Dachshund: This is “Dox-Hoont.” Imagine saying “Docks” like where boats are, and then “hund” like ‘hound’ but shorter.



3-Bichon Frise: Say it like “Bee-shon Free-zay.” Imagine “Bee” like the insect, “shon” like ‘Sean’, and “Free” like ‘free’, “zay” like ‘say’ with a ‘z.

Bichon Frise-(wikipedia)


4-Xoloitzcuintli: It’s pronounced “Show-lo-eets-kweent-lee.” You can remember it as “Show-low” like showing something low, and then “eets” like ‘eats’, “kween” like a queen, and “tlee” like ‘tea’ with an ‘l.’


5-Entlebucher Mountain Dog: This is “Ent-lee-boo-ker Moun-tin Dog.” Think “Ent” like ‘ant’, “lee” as in ‘see’, “boo” like a ghost sound, “ker” like ‘care’, and then “Mountain Dog” as it sounds.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog

6-Kooikerhondje: Say it like “Koy-ker-hond-yeh.” Think “Koi” like the fish, “ker” as in ‘care’, “hond” like ‘Honda’ without the ‘a’, and “yeh” like saying ‘yes’ without ‘s.’


7-Bouvier des Flandres: Pronounce it “Boo-vee-ay day Flahn-druh.” Remember it as “Boo” like a ghost sound, “vee” as in ‘see’, “ay” like ‘hey’, “day” like the word, and “Flandres” like ‘flan’ with ‘druh’ at the end.

8-Samoyed: This is pronounced “Sam-a-yed.” It’s like saying “Sam” as in Samuel, “a” like the letter, and “yed” like ‘yed’ in ‘yesterday.’

Samoyed– (Wikipedia)

9-Beauceron: It’s pronounced “Bo-ser-on.” Think “Bo” like ‘bow’ tie, “ser” like ‘sir’, and “on” like ‘on’.


10-Keeshond: Pronounce this as “Kayz-hond.” It’s “Kayz” like ‘case’ and “hond” like ‘Honda’ without the ‘a’.


11-Papillon: Say this as “Pap-ee-yon.” Imagine “Pap” like ‘papa’, “ee” as in ‘see’, and “yon” like ‘yawn’ without ‘a’.


12-Spinone Italiano: Say this as “Spee-no-nay Ee-tal-ee-ah-no.” Think “Spee” like ‘speed’, “no” as in no, “nay” like a horse’s sound, and “Italiano” like the word ‘Italian’ with ‘o’ at the end.

Spinone Italiano-(wikipedia)

13-Belgian Malinois: It’s pronounced “Bel-jee-an Mal-in-wah.” Remember it as “Bel” like ‘bell’, “jee” like the letter ‘G’, “an” as in and, and “Mal” like ‘mall’, “in” like ‘in’, and “wah” like ‘what’ without ‘t.’

Belgian Malinois

14-Schipperke: Pronounce it “Skip-er-key.” It’s like saying “Skip” like skipping, “er” like ‘her’ without ‘h’, and “key” like what you use to open a door.


15-Weimaraner: This is “Vye-muh-rah-ner.” Think of “Vye” like ‘rye’ with a ‘V’, “muh” as in ‘mother’, “rah” like ‘raw’, and “ner” like ‘ner’ in ‘nerd.’


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The importance of correct pronunciation goes beyond linguistic precision. It’s a way to honor the rich history and uniqueness of each dog breed. Embracing the challenge with a light-hearted approach adds an extra layer of joy to the dog-owning experience.

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